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The large opening on the front of the foot gives you wide visibility in the needle area. Use for free-motion, outline quilting, etc.

    1.Screw on the Open Toe Quilting Foot, with the pin over the needle clamp screw.

    2. Lower the feed dogs.
    3. Use the foot controller so that both hands are free to guide the fabric.
    4. Select a straight stitch or your preferred stitch such as zigzag stitch.
    5. Set the fabric under the presser foot.
    6. While starting to sew, press the needle position button twice to pull the bobbin thread to the quilt top.
    7. Gently holding the upper and bobbin threads sew about four locking stitches.
    8. Guide the fabric with both hands while keeping the fabric pulled tight.
    9. When quilting is finished, sew about four locking stitches and finish the thread ends.


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