Madeira 9449 | Stabilizer Starter Kit | 12 Sets

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Stabilizer Starter Kit: 12 Sets Information

Pack includes one 12in x 24in cut of Cotton Soft, Avalon;Film & Super Strong; one 12in x 16in cut of Cotton Soft;It is Black, Cotton Stable, Avalon Ultra, Avalon Plus, Super;It has Strong black, Super Stable & Super Film; one 10in x 16in;It is cut of Cotton Fix; & one 9 1/2in x 8in cut of Avalon Fix.

This pack contains 1 original test sample each from all 12 Madeira Premium Stabilizer qualities, plus a stabilizers instruction manual.

An ideal way to test out all the stabilisers qualities to find the ones suitable for your individual projects.

Samples from all 12 available stabilizers with a stabilizer "know-how" brochure.

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