Omni Finance capital


We have developed a simple process which allows you to purchase items that have 0% finance available (terms and conditions apply) on them. There are no forms to complete and the whole process is online.

The 0% finance option is very easy to set up and a decision is given in minutes - Here's how it works:


1. The products that are available on 0% finance all have a sign stating: 0% finance - find the right item and then 'add to basket'

2. Once you've added a 0% finance item to your bag, you can add others! (Even if they do not have the 0% sign on them). Select suitable bundles & accessories - finance shall be applied to the total order value


Use the Finance calculator (located on the product page) to develop an affordable payment schedule - you can change the length of the period and also the amount of deposit that you wish to pay between 10-50% until you find the plan that best suits your affordability


1. Check that you have the correct items in the shopping cart and then press on 'checkout'

2. Complete the delivery details page and then select the payment option for - 0% Finance

3. Select finance option period and select - click on continue to Omni Capital


1. You will now be directed to their secure online application form and can complete the process on the Omni Capital website

2. Once you have completed the process you will receive a notification advising you of the results of the process

3. Once approved, you will receive an email from Omni Capital prompting you to pay the deposit for your purchase

4. Once paid, we will pick and pack your items ready for dispatch to your delivery address via courier



How long does the decision process take?

Once submitted a decision is normally returned within 30 seconds. Completing the online form only takes a few minutes and there is no printing, scanning or physical forms - the whole process is online. Customers are taken through a simple online application form and are guided clearly through the pre-contract explanation before digitally signing the application with ‘eSignature’.

Can I apply for a loan?

Successful applicants usually have:

  • 3 years address history  and must be on the voters roll
  • A minimum income £10,000 – this can include private pension
  • No bankruptcy, CCJ’s or defaults in the last 6 years
  • Not taken out or applied for a pay day loan in the last 12 months
You will receive a link to pay your deposit through the secure online payment system once you have approved for finance. Payment of your deposit triggers our warehouse team to prepare your order.

How do I start a new second application?

You will need to start a fresh application with a new email ID as your application is linked to your email ID.

What do I do if I make an error on the application?

All applications stay in the Omni portal for compliance reasons and cannot be deleted. You will need to start a fresh application with a new email ID (as your application is linked to your email ID).

Can I change my deposit once I have started my application?

No. Please be sure to use the finance calculator to develop a payment plan that is affordable and works for you. You will be prompted for the deposit amount and the length of finance when you start the application. This cannot be changed one you start the process. 

Can I add extra items to my order?

Yes, but this must be done in advance of the credit application. For your information, the finance is available when an item (sewing machine or furniture) which is included in our pre-approved finance list is in your basket. The finance will then be available on the whole basket. We cannot add items after your application is approved so please be careful to get this right from outset.

When will my machine be dispatched?

We always try and dispatch machines on the same day that the deposit is paid (if this happens before 2pm). Sometimes, this can take 24 / 72 hours.

I have no email order confirmation from GUR?

Call us on +44 (0) 121 348 8921 if you have any issues at any stage. Contact the number on the Omni application if you need any help or support through your application.

How do I settle my account early?

Yes - you call Omni capital directly to make early payment for your purchase. There are no penalties for early payment.